Why I Do Not Enable Comments

Given that I have no desire to entertain trolls, detractors, spammers, those who misinterpret me, and most importantly, I don’t wish to be influenced by the court of public opinion, this blog/journal stands as a space for unabridged expression.

This platform is my sanctuary, where I post as I please without the need to second guess every word or phrase and without fear of unwarranted backlash.

Additionally, I have no concern for likes, shares or any other forms of engagement. I acknowledge that this site has its own audience that keeps increasing daily thanks to the viral nature of the internet. I purposefully refuse to agonise over such metrics which is why I don’t measure them in the first place.

This is my safe haven and I won’t allow the pressures of editorial critique from the world at large, and even more crucially, from myself.

However, should you appreciate what you are reading here, you’re more than welcome to contribute to my GoFundMe, which helps in covering the expenses of my current cycling journey. 

Thank you for being here and do understand that I deeply appreciate your readership.

Kind regards,