POC Devour, Winter’s Ultimate Cycling Sunglasses?

Eye protection is a crucial aspect of winter riding, as cyclists face freezing air, glare from snow, and debris on the roads. While many riders opt for snowboard or ski helmets with goggles to shield their eyes from the elements, these can be heavy, uncomfortable, and prone to condensation issues.

Cycling sunglasses have become a popular alternative for winter riding, offering comfort and style without compromising on protection. POC, a renowned brand in the cycling world, has introduced the Devour sunglasses, a large and stylish model designed to cover a significant portion of the face.

Initially, I was hesitant about the POC Devour sunglasses, preferring my Aspire, Crave, and Want models. However, after experiencing the Ottawa winds and debris firsthand, I decided to give the Devour Glacial glasses a try as an alternative to my usual ski helmet and goggle combo. The Glacial have more weather protection vs the standard Devours.

The result was impressive. The POC Devour sunglasses allowed me to wear a regular helmet, avoiding the weight and discomfort associated with ski helmets and goggles. Not only did I feel comfortable, but the sunglasses also added a stylish touch to my winter riding gear.

In addition to the POC Devour sunglasses, I also received the Ventral road cycling helmet with MIPS technology. This helmet has fewer vents than the Ventral Air Lite, making it more suitable for winter riding. POC also offers a winter cycling helmet with blocked front vents for optimal protection. However, it was not available in black, which is my preferred colour.

Disclosure: since 2019 POC has been product-supporting my bike rides and tours to explore and experience the planet while raising funds for World Bicycle Relief.

POC Devour Glacial sunglasses are another fantastic option for winter riding (or living!). These glasses provide enhanced wind protection compared to the standard Devour model, which is better suited for summer riding. I plan to get a pair of the summer Devour sunglasses for an upcoming trip to Kenya with Savanna Cycling where I will participate in the Migration Gravel Race. (Update: the cycling safari vacation happened in June 2023 and the Devours were fantastic!)

In conclusion, investing in high-quality cycling sunglasses, such as the POC Devour sunglasses, can significantly improve your winter riding experience. They offer excellent eye protection, comfort, and style, making them an ideal choice for cyclists braving the cold season.