A prospective client, connected through someone who reads my Instagram posts (I prefer not to label people as “followers”), reached out for my bike shopping advisory services as they want to get into road cycling. I highlighted that before focusing on specific brands and models — unless they have considerable knowledge about bicycles — the [...]

Reflecting on the N+1 concept that resonates deeply among cyclists, where the ideal number of bikes one should own is always one more than they currently have, it prompts me to consider the array of bike enthusiasts, especially those with the means, proudly enumerate. They mention aero, climbing, cyclocross, endurance, touring, winter and gravel bikes, [...]

This year, 2024, marks my return to exploring and experiencing places on the planet by bicycle, as opposed to merely passing through and barely taking the time to absorb my surroundings. One of my fondest activities when I seriously got into cycling in 2015 was to pedal somewhere random and just sit there, being present [...]

The journey from Stockholm to Amsterdam morphed from a bicycle ride across Europe, raising funds for World Bicycle Relief, into a train trip masquerading as a two-wheeled adventure. In 2023, the weather north of Switzerland decided to be thoroughly dismal. Barely moments after departing from Stockholm, Sweden, I was caught in a downpour that drenched [...]

Cycling The Arctic Circle

The first week of my ride across Europe to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief proved rather epic. To use such a cliché may raise eyebrows but I assure you, my legs and lungs will corroborate this assertion within this post. With my initial ride completed, I felt buoyant and ready for whatever lay ahead. [...]

Naturally, the first ride of a three-month bike adventure across Europe to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief had to kick off with a bang. Long distance? Da! Headwinds? Absolutely Hills upon hills? Mais bien sûr! Halfway food and water supplies exhausted? Natürlich Sleep in the last 48 hours? A lousy 5 hours And my [...]

As I prepare to dip my tires into the Arctic Circle’s North Cape, Norway, I must acknowledge the 30 000 km milestone of my OPEN U.P.P.E.R.. The story begins when, after cycling across Canada on a Cinelli–Mash fixed-gear bicycle in winter 2017. After the 15-month Guinness World Record-breaking extreme adventure, I realised it perhaps wasn’t [...]

In an earlier post, I shared how I don’t camp during my cycling adventures and outlined a series of reasons all highly personal and likely not relevant to many. There are those who relish the opportunity to spend the night beneath the stars viewing it as a significant component of their bike touring experience. Several [...]

As splendid as my Kenyan cycling safari with Savanna Cycling was, I must confess the ensuing fatigue was rather more substantial than I’d anticipated as it was supposed to be a holiday.  Such fatigue is why I’ve found it necessary to postpone the commencement of my European adventure, a journey to raise funds for World [...]

In June 2023, I journeyed to Kenya for a cycling safari, courtesy of Savanna Cycling, a bespoke cycling tour provider. I will furnish a detailed debrief at a later stage, but for now, here are some images from this remarkable 10-day holiday on two wheels. I believe in popular culture this is referred to as [...]