The journey from Stockholm to Amsterdam morphed from a bicycle ride across Europe, raising funds for World Bicycle Relief, into a train trip masquerading as a two-wheeled adventure. In 2023, the weather north of Switzerland decided to be thoroughly dismal. Barely moments after departing from Stockholm, Sweden, I was caught in a downpour that drenched [...]

Cycling The Arctic Circle

The first week of my ride across Europe to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief proved rather epic. To use such a cliché may raise eyebrows but I assure you, my legs and lungs will corroborate this assertion within this post. With my initial ride completed, I felt buoyant and ready for whatever lay ahead. [...]

Naturally, the first ride of a three-month bike adventure across Europe to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief had to kick off with a bang. Long distance? Da! Headwinds? Absolutely Hills upon hills? Mais bien sûr! Halfway food and water supplies exhausted? Natürlich Sleep in the last 48 hours? A lousy 5 hours And my [...]

As I prepare to dip my tires into the Arctic Circle’s North Cape, Norway, I must acknowledge the 30 000 km milestone of my OPEN U.P.P.E.R.. The story begins when, after cycling across Canada on a Cinelli–Mash fixed-gear bicycle in winter 2017. After the 15-month Guinness World Record-breaking extreme adventure, I realised it perhaps wasn’t [...]

In an earlier post, I shared how I don’t camp during my cycling adventures and outlined a series of reasons all highly personal and likely not relevant to many. There are those who relish the opportunity to spend the night beneath the stars viewing it as a significant component of their bike touring experience. Several [...]

As splendid as my Kenyan cycling safari with Savanna Cycling was, I must confess the ensuing fatigue was rather more substantial than I’d anticipated as it was supposed to be a holiday.  Such fatigue is why I’ve found it necessary to postpone the commencement of my European adventure, a journey to raise funds for World [...]

In June 2023, I journeyed to Kenya for a cycling safari, courtesy of Savanna Cycling, a bespoke cycling tour provider. I will furnish a detailed debrief at a later stage, but for now, here are some images from this remarkable 10-day holiday on two wheels. I believe in popular culture this is referred to as [...]

When I decided to cycle across Europe this Summer 2023, to not only explore and experience this continent but also to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief, I spent almost two months agonising over which of my two geared bicycles to take on the 7500 km trip. Those who have been following my adventures since [...]

Without a doubt, the question I’m asked most frequently by fellow bicycle adventurers is why I don’t camp.The short answer, to spare you reading my trademark novel-sized texts, is that I do not fancy it. At all. Please note: not camping does not mean staying in expensive hotels or paying for accommodation for that matter! [...]

Why I Do Not Enable Comments

Given that I have no desire to entertain trolls, detractors, spammers, those who misinterpret me, and most importantly, I don’t wish to be influenced by the court of public opinion, this blog/journal stands as a space for unabridged expression. This platform is my sanctuary, where I post as I please without the need to second [...]