Winter can be a tough time for cyclists, as salt on the roads can corrode bike components if not cleaned regularly. However, there’s an enjoyable way to keep cycling during the colder months without worrying about the damage caused by salt: riding on snow-covered trails. Riding on trails covered with fresh snow can be challenging [...]

Eye protection is a crucial aspect of winter riding, as cyclists face freezing air, glare from snow, and debris on the roads. While many riders opt for snowboard or ski helmets with goggles to shield their eyes from the elements, these can be heavy, uncomfortable, and prone to condensation issues. Cycling sunglasses have become a [...]

A common misconception about winter cycling is that tight-fitting clothing is not capable of keeping riders warm. However, by employing the right layering system, cyclists can comfortably brave freezing temperatures as low as -40C/F. Surprisingly, wearing thicker, looser clothing can actually make riders feel colder. With winter cycling in mind, let’s explore the importance of [...]

Rene Herse Bon Jon Pass 700C x 35mm were the ones that made me experience what people mean when they say that bicycle tires are the best way to make a road bike comfortable and faster to a certain extent. If you are new here, I should mention that my style of road biking is [...]

Before I start my POC Ventral Air SPIN road bike helmet review, let me first disclose that I do not totally understand the science and technology that goes into protecting human heads from bicycle accidents except perhaps for the famed MIPS system. With that in mind, my POC Ventral Air SPIN bicycle helmet rating will [...]

Lake MXZ 176 Winter cycling shoes are the footwear that most cyclists who ride in wet, cold conditions should seriously consider especially if they are not too fond of overshoes or cycling boots.  (The road pedals version is the Lake CXZ 176 biking shoes. The MXZ176 is for MTB/gravel riders)I first got wind of the [...]

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