Stockholm to Amsterdam by Bike and.. Train!

The journey from Stockholm to Amsterdam morphed from a bicycle ride across Europe, raising funds for World Bicycle Relief, into a train trip masquerading as a two-wheeled adventure.

In 2023, the weather north of Switzerland decided to be thoroughly dismal.

Barely moments after departing from Stockholm, Sweden, I was caught in a downpour that drenched me completely.

For the ensuing two weeks, wind and rain vied to outdo each other in dampening my spirits. My only recourse was to curtail daily distances and resort to train journeys to leap ahead when conditions were not just abysmal but downright perilous.

By the time I touched down in Amsterdam, my odometer registered just 1800 km, falling significantly short of the 2500 km I had initially intended to cover by pedal power alone. Numerous train rides resulted in an inflated expense account.

Now in the Netherlands, I am left contemplating my next move, as the weather insists on taking a turn for the worse! By the way, most of the photos above only depict the few days when it was sunny. Obviously I was not going to take photos in the pouring rain and run the risk of ruining my camera!