When I decided to cycle across Europe this Summer 2023, to not only explore and experience this continent but also to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief, I spent almost two months agonising over which of my two geared bicycles to take on the 7500 km trip. Those who have been following my adventures since [...]

Without a doubt, the question I’m asked most frequently by fellow bicycle adventurers is why I don’t camp.The short answer, to spare you reading my trademark novel-sized texts, is that I do not fancy it. At all. Please note: not camping does not mean staying in expensive hotels or paying for accommodation for that matter! [...]

Why I Do Not Enable Comments

Given that I have no desire to entertain trolls, detractors, spammers, those who misinterpret me, and most importantly, I don’t wish to be influenced by the court of public opinion, this blog/journal stands as a space for unabridged expression. This platform is my sanctuary, where I post as I please without the need to second [...]

Creating Cycling Adventure Routes

A fellow cyclist recently posed a query regarding the creation of my long-distance cycling journey routes. As I stand on the cusp of a 7,500 km adventure spanning from North Cape, Norway, to Tarifa, Spain — an adventure geared towards raising funds for World Bicycle Relief — it seemed a pertinent moment to shed light [...]

Before things get awkward, I feel the need to address a certain issue regarding ride alongs  as I embark on my cycling journey across Europe this Summer 2023 to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief, the 7500 km journey from North Cape, Norway to Tarifa, Spain. First and foremost, I want to express my immense [...]

Undoubtedly, the most tedious, dull and vexing part of any bicycle adventure large or small is arranging the logistics, whether one is supported (has a team following in a car) or unsupported (travelling solo). This is the most unglamorous yet most crucial aspect of such journeys, which for the most part will dictate how pleasant [...]

The Lone Buffalo

As the countdown to my grand adventure for World Bicycle Relief begins, I find myself in a reflective, contemplative state. I question what I’ve signed myself up for and grapple with an internal tug of war between fight and flight responses as the departure deadline approaches! Here is an example of what’s been brewing in [...]

Without fail, the worst part of any of my adventures is the pre-journey jitters. I become so stressed out, anxious, filled with self-doubt and downright scared of what I am about to embark upon. This upcoming cross-Europe bicycle trip is no different as I am slowly turning into a nervous wreck, wondering if it will [...]

Winter can be a tough time for cyclists, as salt on the roads can corrode bike components if not cleaned regularly. However, there’s an enjoyable way to keep cycling during the colder months without worrying about the damage caused by salt: riding on snow-covered trails. Riding on trails covered with fresh snow can be challenging [...]